Meet Our DJs

We attach a great deal of importance to the music. We know it can make all the difference.

Graciela Loscalzo (Argentina-Sweden)

When Graciela chooses the music she tries to recreate the dance atmosphere of the milongas in Buenos Aires using only great music from the orchestras of the ’30s-’50s, “The golden age”, essentially created to reflect the enjoyment of the milonguero dancers on the dance floor.
She has been a Tango-Dj since 2004 in parallel with her intense and creative professional life.

Giovanni Poddighe (Italy / Netherlands

Giovanni discovered Argentine Tango music when he started to dance tango in 2007. He’s been a Tango DJ since 2013 and has played the bandoneon since 2014. Tango music is a part of his life in different forms. He is one of the resident DJ’s at Tango Maastricht (Netherlands), plays at several milongas in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and international Encuentros. During the milongas he strives for a good balance between rhythmic and lyrical musicIn the end, the choice for and structure of the tandas is influenced by the contact with the dancers and the energy coming from the dancefloor.

DJ Jan (Germany)

Jan-Henrik lives in Berlin, a city with a vibrant Tango scene. He fell in love with Argentine tango music upon his first encounter, passionately dancing, collecting, and listening to it. His selections, a staple in Berlin’s Milongas, have also graced various international Encuentro Milonguero events.

His musical taste reflects his dance style—lively and robust with a hint of melancholy, always featuring the finest tracks from the ‘Epoca de Oro.’ Jan-Henrik’s ultimate goal is to see people enjoying themselves, dancing with smiles.

Humberto (Spain)

Humberto has experience as a DJ at various Milongas, Festivals, and Encuentro Milonguero events like VidaMia in Spain and other countries in Europe.

His musical selection is entirely traditional Tango, focused on the golden age while not forgetting the 30s, 50s, and part of the 60s.

He is very careful with the structure of the tandas and the development of the milonga, also paying attention to the small details of the moment.

His fundamental objective at the Milonga is to ensure that the dancers are not sitting down and are enjoying his musical selection.

Eduardo Rios (Spain)

Eduardo Rios is from Barcelona, Spain. A social dancer, his passion for dancing and music led him to become a skilled and experienced DJ.

He plays at the milongas of Barcelona, gatherings, and festivals. With profound musical knowledge of tango, his musical selection leans towards the traditional style and he enjoys creating harmonious sets that invite people to dance.

Alan Twigg (Tenerife)

I love playing the beautiful rich music that tango is. It’s a genuine pleasure for me to put together tandas that move people to dance.

There is so much wonderful music to choose from and so much richness and depth. It’s amazing. There are wonderful orchestras, truly talented singers and some incredible combinations of both.

I enjoy playing music from the late 20s through to the 50s, but the majority of the tracks I play are from between 1935 and 1945.

Twigg UG
Burgstraße 8
D-26655 Westerstede, Germany

T +49 (0)4488 / 520 39 83

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