Coming Soon…

We will announce our full DJ line up as soon as we can. You can look forward to music from experienced international DJs.

We know the importance of good music! You will get the best at our Vida Mia Encuentro Milonguero.   

Alan Twigg

I love playing the beautiful rich music that tango is. It’s a genuine pleasure for me to put together tandas that move people to dance.
There is so much wonderful music to choose from and so much richness and depth. It’s amazing. There are wonderful orchestras, truly talented singers and some incredible combinations of both.

I enjoy playing music from the late 20s through to the 50s, but the majority of the tracks I play are from between 1935 and 1945.

Twigg UG
Burgstraße 8
D-26655 Westerstede, Germany

T +49 (0)4488 / 520 39 83