Meet Our DJs

We attach a great deal of importance to the music. We know it can make all the difference.

Kipp Chynoweth

Kipp DJs traditional milongas and practicas regularly in New Mexico for various organizers: The Tango Club of Albuquerque and Las Puertas located in Albuquerque; she also dj’s for the long established Milonga Leona at El Meson in Santa Fe. Kipp has had the privilege to have DJed the Albuquerque Tango Festival; Encuentro Port Townsend & Charleston and to be a guest DJ at The Beat in San Francisco.

As a DJ Kipp’s focus is on providing the best possible mix of traditional tango tunes designed to keep the dancers engaged and happy as they dance to the music that was played in Buenos Aires during the 1930’s, 40’ and 50’s.

Balazs Gyenis

Balazs joined us in Tenerife for the first VidaMia in 2020. We’re delighted to have him back.

First and foremost Balazs is a passionate lover of Argentine tango music. He reads about, collects, and listens to all in this genre. Balazs prefers rhythmic and emotionally charged music from the Golden Age but as a DJ he plays an overall balanced repertoire with an eye on dynamic variation between tandas and consistency within them.

Jan-Henrik Schlottke

Jan-Henrik lives in Berlin, a city of Tango. Since his first heard tango, he loves Argentine tango music to dance, collect and listen. The music he selects is almost weekly heard in Milongas of Berlin. National as well as internationally, he played sets on several Encuentro Milonguero events.
His choice of music exactly matches his dancing preferences: lively, joyful and strong music – but it may also contain a shot of melancholy and drama which warms the heart – but for sure you get a selection of the finest pieces of music from the ‘Epoca de Oro’. His goal is to see people who are smiling, having fun.

Antonio Rufo

Antonio is a milonguero and DJ from Seville, Spain. He’s also the been the organizer and DJ at the La Milonga del Sábado since 2011.

He has played at meetings, milongas and festivals. In addition, he’s regularly invited to DJ at events in Spain and internationally including Palermo, Milan, Paris, and Munich.

His focus and style is on combining the music offered by traditional orchestras with the intention of creating and maintaining a good energy on the dance floor at all times. He’s always keen to make sure that the atmosphere of the milonga never decays and that the dance floor is full of milongueros at all times.

Alan Twigg

I love playing the beautiful rich music that tango is. It’s a genuine pleasure for me to put together tandas that move people to dance.

There is so much wonderful music to choose from and so much richness and depth. It’s amazing. There are wonderful orchestras, truly talented singers and some incredible combinations of both.

I enjoy playing music from the late 20s through to the 50s, but the majority of the tracks I play are from between 1935 and 1945. 

Twigg UG
Burgstraße 8
D-26655 Westerstede, Germany

T +49 (0)4488 / 520 39 83

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